Gluten-Free Cinnamon Twists – recipe review

This recipe from LPHJ kitchen look absolutely delicious so I thought I would have a go at making them. The mixture was very runny so I couldn’t roll it out. I added more flour but it was still very runny so I poured it into the tin. It smelt delicious and I cooked it as it was. Gluten Free Cinnamon flatbreadIt came out as a kind of flatbread, it was too thick to roll up but was very nice served in chunks with the left over apple sauce instead of the icing. I replaced the egg with 3 tbsp of aqua faba (liquid from chick peas left over from the soup I’d made earlier) to make them vegan.

I will definitely try these again but with less liquid. I used Dove’s Farm self-raising flour. They have a lovely cinnamon flavour and make a perfect gluten free, vegan hot cross bun substitute for today!

Here is that link to the recipe again:

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  1. I’m sorry the recipe didn’t turn out like it should of – but I love anything resembling cinnamon bread so I’m sure it was tasty anyway! I’ve never heard of Dove’s brand flour – but I see you are in the UK. Different flours can be tricky! Thanks for giving it a try!

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