Beyond Gluten Free Prescriptions

More and more health trusts are getting rid of gluten free prescriptions, and I predict that in a year we will no longer be able to get any products that way. Food is always an emotive issue and we see things in the press saying things like people with coeliac disease will have their lives put at risk. Of course the papers are going to sensationalise anything to get a good story but let’s look at the situation objectively here.

A lot of products on prescription are highly processed. For example these are the ingredients in Glutafin Select Multipurpose White Mix:

Gluten free wheat starch, rice starch, skimmed milk powder, dried glucose syrup, thickeners: (guar gum, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose); sugar, calcium citrate, raising agent: (glucono-delta-lactone); sodium bicarbonate, folic acid.

Eating a diet high in sugar increases the risk of diabetes type 2. Generally any ingredients that end in ‘ose’ are a type of sugar. So look again at those ingredients – glucose, cellulose are included. Look at this recipe for gluten free brownies on their website. In addition to the mix there is 150g of sugar added. Would you put that much sugar in if you were using flour? Compare that to this recipe from The Minimalist Baker, probably more tasty and much healthier. Yes prescriptions may be cheaper but is your health worth it?

Many people are afraid they won’t be able to afford to eat and that people on low incomes will be adversely affected. Sometimes things are beyond our control so if you are worried perhaps it’s time to start thinking creatively. How many of the products that you currently get on prescription can you do without? Can you find a healthy, naturally gluten free alternative?

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To your health!

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