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16 Responses to Home

  1. I was once on a date with my now husband when we went to a new local restaurant for a meal. I was a little apprehensive as we hadn’t been in a relationship very long therefore I didn’t like to make too much fuss about my Coeliacs disease, incase I put him off! I asked the waitress if they had any items on the menu that were gluten free and she looked at me as if I had two heads. She came back and assured me that the chef said he could make whatever I wanted gluten free. (!) So I decided to have the chicken wrapped in bacon with a barbecue type sauce but around 10 minutes after we finished the meal, I realised that was a mistake as I felt my stomach tie into a thousand knots and the need to pass wind becoming more severe. Again, I didn’t want to alert my boyfriend as it was early days. As he drove me home I was desperately clenching my buttocks, fearing the worst may happen!! He kept asking if I was ok as I had gone strangely quiet and flushed, but I kept nodding “Yes, I’m fine”. He pulled up outside my house and we had a quick peck before I ran to the house, which isn’t easy when you’re clenching, and managed to get to the bathroom just in time!!!
    I had to confess all to my then boyfriend a few months into the relationship! It obviously didn’t put him off too much as we’re still together 10 years later.

  2. Gemma Evans says:

    I just nipped out to the supermarket to get some bread to make sandwiches for the week. I went to the bigger supermarket as they tend to have a better selection. I walked over to the free from aisle (right at the back of the shop of course) only to find the entire section blocked by trollies full of ‘normal’ bread. It was like they were taunting with an actual barrier of gluten. I tweeted the store and they apologised, I went back in the next day and they had tidied the whole section up, no gluten in sight!

  3. Melissa says:

    For our work’s summer party, we’d booked a table at a BBQ that was happening at a really nice local restaurant. Since it was a fairly posh place, well known for looking after their diners, I assumed I’d have no trouble finding something to eat. Especially since our company was paying £50 per person for us to eat there. I decided to phone up on the day, just to let them know I was a coeliac and to check there’d be a GF option available. The call was answered by a very posh, very snooty woman, who rudely told me “I assume there’ll be something you can eat. Just don’t eat the bread”. I was so shocked at her lack of manners I hung up without actually asking any more questions. Luckily the waiters and waitresses were very accommodating and carefully pointed out what I could and couldn’t eat, but it was still a very anxious experience. Certainly not the level of customer service you’d expect from that place, and I imagine they’d be very embarrassed if I were to name them…

  4. Emma says:

    Me and my boyfriend were really keen to try out the gluten free pizzas in a leading Italian restaurant, and went to two different branches to try the pizza out. On both occasions the restaurant didn’t have any pizzas and we were very disappointed as we had go to the restaurant especially!

  5. Shannon J says:

    My husband and I went to a restaurant that we frequented for lunch but also advertised a gluten free menu for dinner, so we thought we’d give it a shot. I requested the gluten free menu and we were seated. I always ask to speak to a manager so that my needs are specifically known. My order was taken by the manager and then our server came out with a basket of bread and two plates and proceeded to set them up in front of us and take bread from the basket and place it on the plates. I asked if the bread she was serving me was gluten free and she said, “No, we don’t have any of that here.” Ummm….manager?!?

  6. Stephen says:

    I went to a business meeting and the secretary offered me a rich tea biscuit with my coffee. I carefully explained that I could not as I was allergic to which she replied “well I think we have some digestives in the cupboard if those are any better?”

  7. Liz Parkinson says:

    My experience was both funny and infuriating. Some years ago a friend had organised a lunch, and had gone to great trouble to make sure that there was something I could eat, buying in gluten free bread for sandwiches for me etc. I was really touched by all the trouble she had gone to. Until I noticed that the only gluten free sandwiches had breaded ham in them, which she explained that she had chosen specially because no meats have gluten in. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. (Note – this was a long time ago, and there were no gf breaded hams around as there are now.)

  8. Catriona says:

    As a Coeliac I don’t really eat out all that much. So when my sister was organising a meal at a restaurant for our parents’ golden wedding she checked that they could serve a gluten free meal on my behalf.

    As we entered the restaurant I told the waiter that I would be happy with any of the main courses, as long as I wasn’t given fruit salad for pudding.

    I can’t remember what I ate for the main course, but when the dessert menu was presented to me I asked the waiter to check with the kitchen that the blueberry and white chocolate creme brulee was gluten free – which it was.

    Imagine my dismay when the creme brulee came out with a fancy biscuit pushed through the caramel and no it wasn’t gluten free. At this point my Mum leant over and swapped my dish with hers. Guess what she was having – fruit salad.

  9. diane says:

    I went Skiing in Italy all inclusive with my Son who has Coeliac disease a couple of years ago.
    As soon as we got to the hotel we asked at reception about the availability of Gluten free food. After the language barrier was resolved we found out the Chef had a wife with Coeliac and he came out to see us and assured he would be able to provide suitable meals. We were over the moon and sure enough on the first evening was presented with a lovely Gluten Free Spaghetti Bolognese, it was a triumph, Until…. my son got the same meal every day for the whole week!!! he has never eaten it since, poor boy, I think it was a case of careful what you wish for, he he!!!

  10. Laura says:

    I booked an afternoon tea at a very posh hotel for my family and requested a gluten free version for myself and having been told this was a speciality of theirs so after a month of looking forward to our treat off we went to have the “experience of a lifetime”. Well it was the promised “experience of a lifetime” but unfortunately not in the right way! When we booked in I confirmed my afternoon tea would be gluten free. Afternoon teas arrived for my family and then in came the gluten free afternoon tea for me – oh dear, meringue anyone (?!) I had 4 of the same tiny meringues and one other cake. The sandwiches were on the type of gluten free bread only non-Coeliacs buy and serve un-toasted, the cake was a mousse and, well, the scone was a tale in itself! The scone, sitting on the tray with some clotted cream and jam it looked a little anaemic but harmless enough – little did I know! I picked up my knife and touched the edge of the scone to cut it in half and BOOM the whole scone exploded into small pieces spraying the very posh hotel’s room with scone mixture! At this point I was the colour of a beetroot and desperately trying to sweep up the pieces I could see on the table and on myself – in the spirit of trying to enjoy myself and not ruin the experience for everyone else I tried the crumbled scone – big mistake, raw sweet flour anyone?! To make matters worse when I pointed out to the waitress and maitre d’ what had happened and the appalling taste I was told the chef knew he had been struggling to get the gluten free scone mixture right but that was the best he could do that day! Topping it all they refused to offer any compensation so I ended up paying full price – suffice to say we won’t be returning but I do have an incredible tale of the exploding scone to tell for the rest of my days!

  11. Jenny Fisher-Cooke says:

    We booked a table at a popular restaurant who advertised that they offer gluten free menu choices. We did the usual of informing upon booking and again on arrival. I was brought a paper menu which had ticks against everything I could eat, very impressed so far as the choice was vast. They had ticks against the pastas which I thought was fantastic but maybe too good to be true, so, upon ordering I double checked… “do you have gluten free pasta?” The waitress seemed a bit flustered and went off to check. A few minutes later she returned “we don’t have gluten free pasta but the sauce is gluten free”. Oh wonderful “I’ll have a plate of sauce then please!”

  12. Natalie Tobitt says:

    One lunch time in town I decided to go to M&S coffee shop for something as I knew they did gluten free sandwiches. I picked up my sandwich and went to the till and ordered a coffee to go with it. The lady on the till looked down at what I had on the tray then looked up at me and said “you do realise you have picked up a gluten free sandwich don’t you?”

  13. Tom Young says:

    We were on holiday in St Maws and were attended at mealtimes by a very keen student, who became quite efficient at checking for the gluten-free options for our evening meals. One evening he assured me that the soup was safe, so I opted to have it. Back he came with the soup, and I asked him (rather tongue-in-cheek) what the small square things were that floated in the soup. After a few seconds reflection he replied “Croutons…..Aaaah, bread!!”, and shot off with the plate. He was even more attentive for the rest of the holiday.

  14. Just a few weeks ago I went out for dinner in Chinatown, to celebrate Chinese New Year with friends. I love authentic Chinese food but since being diagnosed with Coeliac disease I am reluctant to eat it in restaurants due to the huge levels of “secret” gluten in Chinese sauces. However, since the food allergen labelling changes in December, it has generally been a slightly easier experience, and also one friend I was dining with is native Chinese, so I thought that even if there was any misunderstanding, she could explain my needs in Mandarin. We selected several dishes which we thought would be safest (eg anticipating them to not contain soy sauce), then when the waiter came to take our order we asked about the gluten-free situation. Despite the FSA page listing all 14 of the allergens which restaurants legally have to highlight, inserted at the front of the menu, the waiter clearly had no idea which of the 14 were in any given dish. It’s all very well advertising the “speak to us if you are allergic to any of these ingredients” system if you can’t actually say which dishes do and don’t contain allergens. He explained that everything was cooked in the same woks, so there was no guarantee that the cooking utensils could be completely free of any given allergen (I obviously know this to be the case, and that eating in a Chinese restaurant is not really a good idea, but very occasionally I am prepared to make a small compromise, for the sake of minimum fuss and so I can still enjoy a nice dinner with friends). We said this was ok for us, and asked whether there was actually any gluten in the items we had chosen. He was not forthcoming with a useful answer… We asked if a particular dish we wanted contained soy sauce, to which he replied yes, but when we asked if it would be possible to have the soy sauce on the side, he told us that the dish just wouldn’t have the same flavours and they wouldn’t do it. After much frustrating talk, with the waiter quite evidently not listening to our request, he actually had the cheek to suggest that I don’t eat anything from their restaurant, while I just sat and watched my friends having dinner, and apparently this is their standard response to the allergies question! No way was I going to do that, so we ordered some simple stir-fried green vegetables (with no soy sauce) and rice, which I sadly ate while my friends tucked into the lovely looking dishes the waiter had been incapable of even telling me if they contained gluten or not (apparently the restaurant use sauces imported from China, and they don’t have ingredients on. I know it is illegal in the UK to serve food you don’t know the contents of and therefore can’t list any potential allergens…). To make matters worse, the waiter made me write my name on a piece of paper, with my friends as witnesses that he had explained to me the risk of eating there and that the restaurant would accept no responsibility for any negative effects which may arise. Suffice to say I shall not be dining there again!

  15. Clair Claiborne says:

    This may be a duplicate entry, I am not sure my other entry went to the right place:

    I once asked the chef at a pizza restaurant in Chicago’s Ohare airport if they had any gluten free pizza. He replied, “Of course, all of our pizza is gluten free”. The lady next to me started laughing hard and replied “Not hardly” which was obvious from the look of the place.

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